Summary of persona

Well-qualified Full Stack Developer familiar with wide range of programming and WebDev utilities and languages. Knowledgeable of backend and frontend development requirements - as well as database design and usage.

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Handles any part of the process. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities offering 24 years of related experience. Complex problem-solver with analytical and driven mindset. Dedicated to achieving demanding development objectives according to tight schedules while producing impeccable code.

I’m innovativ, organized, analytical, highly intelligent and has a good eye for design and UI/UX Design.

I began learning HTML, CSS and JS in '97 and created an HTML school on my website that in '98 became rather popular in some Swedish schools and many study circles and courses. It was listed as one of the best tutorial sites in Sweden at that time.

Projects & Back End

My specialty has alway been to see the whole picture. To plan, structure and implement the entire feature, project, API, application, web. I have worked with designing and implementing web sites and custom user interfaces my entire career, with Java backend, MySQL as the DB and Spring, Lombok, Jackson, JSON mostly.

Front End Frameworks

I’m very familiar working with different frontend and backend Frameworks. JQuery and Bootstrap I used daily. React/router/context/hooks, Redux and some Next.js I have worked with the last 1.5 years. Have started learning Angular, Vue, Svelte and some Node.

I’m used to creating dynamic, adaptive SPA. Been doing that for years with Javascript, Typescript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax and JSON. And I made my own little Tailwind CSS feature already like 10 years ago :).


I have worked with MySQL for 22 years, MS SQL and MariaDB for maybe 5 years. And MongoDB the last year.


Kanban / Issues / Versioning

We haven't had any particular DevOps plan on my current work place, but we have used Kanban by a Kanban board I created years ago, parallel with Bugzilla, Subversion and time tracking. Now we have used YouTrack for for Kanban and time tracking etc for the last 5 years.


Building, testing and deployment locally is made with Maven to Tomcat or JETTY. Versioning, merging in SVN.
For dev or production sites we have automated processes for backup, configuration and deployment to our server and DB clusters.

For our CMS code and some non-client related projects, we use GitHub.

GitHub Contributions

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